Bruno Letellier

Bruno Letellier developed a passion for furniture making in 1996. He was living in Nelson, New Zealand at the time, and learned the art of making fine furniture with master craftsmen David Haig and John Shaw (now teaching at He shared a workshop with Phil Osborne before returning to France with his New Zealand wife and children in 2000.

He opened his workshop in Normandy, France in 2004, and has been creating fine furniture and cabinetry for Norman and Parisian clients ever since. He is inspired by the Shaker, Art Deco, and Arts and Crafts movements, using locally sourced european wood to design and create beautiful, functional, contemporary furniture. There is an elegant simplicity to his work that makes it timeless.

Bruno works for both private and professional clients; individual people with a desire for comfortable and well designed furniture and fittings, professionals who want their choice of fittings and furniture to best reflect their business: interior decorators, shops, hotels, temporary exhibitions, etc.

Bruno can help you solve your furniture and decoration needs:

Bruno works with you to define a project and make sure that the furniture design reflects your personal tastes and needs. After a visit and discussion with you, he produces a design which can be further adapted as required. Once you are satisfied with the design, Bruno then makes the furniture in his workshop, and finally delivers and installs the furniture.


Bruno has developed sensitivity and finesse as a wood sculptor. Bruno's creative search involves movement, rhythm and touch, an intimate dance – confrontation- with the substance, which he also explores in the arts of African drumming and tai chi. Whenever he has a some free time in his workshop, he takes his mallet and chisel to sculpt.  He explores texture, line and form in his sometimes figurative, often abstract, always harmonious sculpture. He believes that faced with the distorted world view of consumerism and social injustice, humanity needs to evolve through an awareness of the magical. His work reminds us of the fragility of body and soul and our need for spiritual strengths.

For more information on Bruno's work, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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